Lydia Wore It

Lydia Wore It

I’m head over heels in love with the heat we’ve been having. During my college years I was a California girl, so my sunshine addiction is far beyond the reach of an intervention. Seattle summers are a beautiful thing, but if you’re a runner like me, you know that they require the right gear to protect yourself from extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays. If you’re training for a big race or just starting to run for fun, here are my favorite run essentials for summer.

Details below…

Summer Running Collage

One… Sennheiser Adidas Sport Headphones ($54.27)

Two… Neutrogena Sport Face (Target/Bartells/Amazon) – I also LOVE Trader Joe’s sunscreen and it’s only $5

Three…Nike Hat ($25)

Four…Lululemon Tracker Short ($54)

Five… Nike Mesh Run Tank ($35)

Six… Newton Distance Elite Running Shoes ($155 )

Remember to beat the heat with proper hydration (water! water! more water!), plenty of sunscreen, and the perfect playlist! Music got my through my first marathon last October and I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles without incredible tunes. I’ll get to work on a few workout playlists for you, no matter WHAT you like to do for exercise. Have fun out there hitting the pavement my friends!

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Here’s one of my favorite running tracks (and an incredible music video) to get you started…

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Lydia Cruz is a Seattle native and morning show personality on Brooke & Jubal in the Morning. She graduated from West Seattle High School, attended college in California, and was on her way to becoming an attorney before entering a radio talent search on a whim. She earned a spot in morning drive and never looked back. Lydia is an avid writer and blogs daily about fashion, music, and fitness. She’s also a self-described nerd, earning the nickname “Boner Killer” on air. In her spare time Lydia loves volunteering with local organizations, as well as advocating for mental illness and eating disorder awareness.