The $75 Toaster That Actually Does WHAT?!

  • There’s a new toaster that burns a PICTURE of yourself into every piece of toast it makes.  No thanks; I prefer to put myself in my mouth the old fashioned way . . . yoga.
  • According to a new study, Florida is the SCARIEST STATE in the country.  Scientists deduced this from reading news stories about the people of Florida.
  • A drunk guy posed as a TSA agent to GROPE WOMEN.  Wait; you can get in trouble for that?  Looks like I need to change my plans for the weekend.
  • Half of us would keep WORKING if we won the lottery . . . and the other half of us would invest in millions of dollars of Samurai swords.
  • A cat rescued from a shelter could be the world’s OLDEST CAT.  The cat celebrated its birthday by knocking the remote off of a coffee table and then taking a 7-hour nap.

(Image Courtesy: John Bell. Creative Commons)