The Friday Five (7.18.14)

Carmaggedon begins tonight y’all… are you prepared? Westbound I-90 will be reduced to a SINGLE LANE beginning at 9:30 PM tonight and lasting until next Friday. WSODT is predicting massive backups all around Puget Sound. Tell your boss you’re taking vacation right now. Or just quit. Unemployment is the vacation that never ends right?

If quitting is not an option and the sound of moving back in with mom and dad doesn’t entice you, then you’re going to need plenty of great new tracks to get you through the congestion. I tried to include as many inspirational tunes as possible, so when you want to tear your hair out near Mercer Island you’ve got a little audio sanctuary.

Listen, download, dance party in traffic and repeat. Remember we’re in this together…

1) Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau – Changes

Warm-up with a track that will instantly transport you from bumper to bumper traffic to a remote exotic beach. No plane ticket or baggage required. Can you hear that? It’s me, sipping adult beverages in the sun, having zero cares in the world.

2) Afrojack ft. Spree Wilson – The Spark

Born Nick van de Wall, Afrojack is the stage name of the 26-year old Dutch prodigy. Despite just releasing his debut album Forget the World in May, Afrojack is already sitting pretty at #7 on Forbes Top-Earning DJ List. He’s also actively training for space travel so he can be the first person to spin vinyl amongst the cosmos. Sign me up please.

3) Rudimental ft. Alex Clare and John Newman – Not Giving In

The title of this Rudimental track says it all. When the left lane camper in front of you pushes you to your breaking point, turn this one up full blast. Three incredible talents on one song means poignant lyrics, powerhouse vocals, and infectious drum & bass that only Britain’s finest can provide. PS. If you’ve got tickets to see the talented Ed Sheeran at Wamu Theater on August 21st don’t miss out on Rudimental as his opener, trust me.

4) Audien ft. Michael S – Leaving You

I’m stretching the word “inspirational” a little to include this track on the playlist. But if you just got out of a crappy relationship, this definitely counts. Your ex is probably sitting in traffic right now, bored without you, and without this awesome jam to sing to. So take THAT ______ (insert name here)! Your loss.

5) Arty ft. Angel Taylor – Up All Night

What’s with all the talented musicians that are more successful at 24 then I ever will be? Jerks. Arty may not be old enough to rent a car in the US, but I’m sure his worldwide success is a good consolation. I have dance parties by myself almost daily (laugh now) but this track has been making repeat appearances recently.

6) Cash Cash – Satellites 

The two brothers and best friend that make up Cash Cash are an incredibly humble, hard-working group. The trio writes, records, produces, and masters ALL of their own music AND puts on an incredible live show. I danced myself into an audio euphoria when Cash Cash was in town recently.

7) Jv Project – Something About You

Your cool down track this week will keep that commute-ending beacon of hope burning bright. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel my friends. Metaphorically and literally… like, right at the end of the floating bridge. See it? Me too.

Take care out there this weekend my friends! Stay safe on the roadways and try to limit your middle finger usage. Channel your road rage into calorie-buring fist pumping instead. Make intense eye contact with the car next to you while you do it too. If you need more information on the closure, check out my blog post on the WB I-90 Closure.

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Before I leave I have to plug Rudimental one last time, shameless I know. Take a minute to watch their performance with Bastille at the 2014 Brit Awards. It’s a mash-up of epic proportion beginning around the 2:00 minute mark. DO IT.

Love Love Love,


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