Drone Wedding Photography!

Well, the PROS vs CONS argument just got a little more fun when it comes to “practical uses” for drones in civilian life. Let’s forget about that story of a New York congressman who used a drone for his wedding (and is subsequently being investigated by the FAA for it) for a few minutes and just ask this:

Who WOULDN’T want a drone to photograph their wedding?!?! [TheHuffingtonPost]

When it comes to wedding photography, the sky’s the limit — literally.

Iowa-based Picture Perfect Portrait and Design is offering a brand new service to brides and grooms looking for unique ways to capture their wedding: drone photography. Owner and photographer Dale Stierman said the idea came to him after seeing drones used for real estate.

Of course, it’s not an easy operation. “You can’t shoot a whole wedding with a drone, but you can shoot it for about 30 minutes,” Stierman said. That means everything has to be planned out before the Big Day.

Yeah, it would be pretty sweet unless THIS happens. (protip: hire a professional drone pilot, not your 14 year-old nephew who plays too much World of Warcraft)

“We plan it out about a week before the wedding, then we have the shots set up when it’s time to shoot,” he said.

In order to make sure each 30-minute session runs smoothly, Stierman communicates by two-way radio with a team on the ground, who directs the wedding party on where to go and what to do. He also has an expert flyer controlling the drone.

Couples can add a drone shoot to their photography package for about $400, and yes – the company has the capability to shoot all over the U.S.

I was in a bachelor party this weekend in Portland and I’ve already requested that all my photos be taken via drone camera. I’ll report back next week.



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