Bride Asks Mascot To Walk Her Down the Aisle

Bride Asks Mascot To Walk Her Down the Aisle

I have a buddy (yes, a dude) who is a SUPER-FAN of any & all mascots. Seriously; he transforms into a 8 year-old girl at Disneyland meeting Cinderella whenever he spots an adult in a furry costume… but this story is so much better than that.

Jennifer Sullivan unexpectedly lost her father to a heart attack only six months before her big day, and clearly – she needed someone who walk her down the aisle. So what did she do? She brought in her favorite mascot to fill the role. [WSVN]


I knew that I would be thinking about him the entire time. I knew I needed to do something really special to take my mind off of it and make the moment as lighthearted as possible.

If it wasn’t obvious – Jennifer is a hardcore University of Miami fan AND a former employee of the school’s athletics department. Sebastian, the Miami Hurricanes mascot, was more than happy to step in on her special day – and he even wore a ‘Canes jersey with her late father’s nickname – “Big Walt” – on the back.

Congrats, Jennifer!!


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