The Friday Five (7.25.14)

The sunshine is back after a two day vacation, the Seahawks training camp is kicking off, and I couldn’t be happier. My plans? Lay in it, run in it, then dance my butt off in it at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Sol and Beat Connection are among the incredible bands representing for the local Seattle scene. If you’re out there make sure to awkwardly say hello. I mean it… AWKWARDLY.

1) Generationals – Gold Silver Diamond

The Generationals are a pair of New Orleans stud muffins with a long indie rock resume. The band formed in 2008 during the Presidential Election, while the duo was inundated with news coverage on “generational issues.” Three successful albums later and they’re still going strong. “Gold Silver Diamond” is a dose of sugary sweet euphoria, perfect to welcome the summer sun back from it’s temporary departure.

2) Gorgon City ft. Zak Abel – Unmissable

Gorgon City are a current obsession of mine… the two British DJs can do no wrong. Wrong would require producing a track that don’t make me want to grab a stranger or a hairbrush microphone, and perform “No one is watching me, right?” dance moves.

3) Le Youth – Feel Your Love

Another feel good track from the powerhouse that is Wes James. Did I mention I’m seeing him live in LA next week? Not like I’m excited or anything….. AHHHHHHHHHHH.

4) Disclosure – White Noise 

My love for Disclosure is snowballing into an addiction. I told my boyfriend I’m willing to fly ANYWHERE just to see these fresh faced brothers in concert (they barely have any US shows left this year). While “White Noise” is by no means new, it’s dance party timeless.

5) Jess Glynne – Right Here

Jess is the incredible songstress from Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” and Route 94’s “My Love,” both international smash hits that I’ve gushed about on The Friday Five previously. The 24-year old British singer/songwriter is ripe to take over the world. She’s got youth, talent, and a #1 hit resume on her side. “Right Here” is her first single venture and it has me clamoring for her debut album. ASAP.

6) TCTS ft. K Stewart – Games

I’m gonna be honest, I know less than nothing about TCTS. I know the man behind the curtain’s name is Sam and his music makes my legs start moving on their own. If you’re worried that K Stewart is Twilight-related, don’t worry she’s not. I wouldn’t do that to you.

Thanks my friends for tuning for another edition of The Friday Five!

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Have a safe but fun-filled weekend. If you see my out at Capitol Hill Block Party, save me a dance.

Love y’all!


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