The BIZARRE New Beauty Trend Thousands of Women Are Doing

  • More and more women are getting eyebrow WIGS AND TRANSPLANTS to try and get a “bushy eyebrow” look…
  • The main EXCUSE for cheating in a relationship is “it just happened”.  And for Tiger Woods, “it just happened”, a million times.
  • A mom in the U.K. says that her fake size G breasts make her a BETTER MOTHER.  I don’t know about mother, but I think it makes her a better person.
  • According to research, men are finally cool with their wives being SMARTER than them.  Let’s face it though, if these guys are married, they weren’t very bright to begin with.
  • The average woman buys 17 pairs of SHOES per year.  The average Wal Mart shopper buys 1 . . . but that’s just cause Crocs are super versatile.
  • The Internet is outraged at a guy who took a PICTURE holding a gun to his cat’s head.  The cat responded by knocking things off of the counter, then taking a 9-hour nap.

(Image Courtesy: Maria Morri. Creative Commons)