Zayn Malik (OneDirection) Gets Death Threats

Zayn Malik (OneDirection) Gets Death Threats

Take note, kids: Zayn Malik will tweet whatever he wants and he will NOT back pedal from it, unlike some of his celeb counterparts (hi, Rihanna).

The 1D heartthrob tweeted “#FreePalestine” today & the internet was immediately exploding with support, criticism, and even some death threats. Yikes. [PopCrush]

Though the retweets may suggest an outpouring of support from his fans, he has been equally ridiculed and even threatened by others, especially by those who sympathize with Israel. BBC and the Mirror both reported that the Brit has been receiving death threats, including tweets reading, “You always made me smile but now u make me cry!!” and “Zayn should say what we he said I mean if we’re such a terrorists like he said why wouldn’t we kill him for saying that huh @zaynmalik.”


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