Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (07/29/14)

  • PICS: Justin Bieber’s attempt at facial hair is the creepiest thing you’ll see all day!
  • PICS: The Instagram pic you’ve been waiting for….SURFBOARD!
  • Beyonce is house hunting ALONE!
  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian once kissed her step brother! EWWWWW!!!!
  • PICS: Jennifer Lopez shows off her naturally curly hair
  • VIDEO: Bachelorette Andi slammed for having sex with runner-up contestant Nick
  • “The Situtation” ordered to do 12 WEEKS ANGER management after beating up his brother
  • Leonardo DiCaprio raises $25 MILLION for endangered animals….and Cara Develigne wears FUR to the fundraiser
  • Jenny McCarthy’s son calls the COPS on her for texting & driving…she throws his phone out the window
  • VIDEO: “Game of Thrones” blooper reel is here
  • Kendall Jenner claims she had to “work even HARDER” to become a model
  • Chris Martin on Gwyneth Paltrow, “We’re very close. We’re NOT TOGETHER, that’s the truth.”
  • PICS: Miley Cyrus tattoos her friends ankle…would you trust her with the gun?
  • PICS: Kim Kardashian actually has 2 assitants to put sand on her butt for a photo shoot
  • The judge for Rihanna’s stalking case had NO IDEA who she was
  • Kate Upton felt “TERRIBLE” after her Sports Illustrated cover
  • Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis plan WEDDING for next July

Photo courtesy: Abd allah Foteih. Creative Commons.

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Brooke is a bold all-American tomboy that is passionate about her friends, her family and new adventures. She is a former hip-hop dance instructor and an outdoor enthusiast. She is the voice of reason to Jubal’s crazy. She still says, “Woot,” “Raise the roof,” and loves to over share.