One Psychic’s Prediction is Making NATIONAL HEADLINES…

  • A Fortune Teller predicted a lotto winner’s JACKPOT 16 years before it happened… Note to Self: Start seeing a Psychic
  • A fist bump has 95% fewer GERMS than a handshake . . . and they’re also 100% more douchey.
  • Costco already has their HALLOWEEN stuff out.  So good news for people looking to buy their zombie costumes in bulk.
  • finds that your personality means absolutely NOTHING for online dating . . . looks is the only thing that matters.  They also found that the sky is blue and getting stabbed hurts.
  • A new study finds that women who have trouble climaxing during sex have fewer DIRTY THOUGHTS while having sex.  This just in; I have never been with a woman who has dirty thoughts.
  • A woman in Louisiana was BUSTED for leaving her kids in the car . . . to go have sex in her boyfriend’s car.  What’s wrong with that; at least she wasn’t doing it in front of her kids.
(Image Courtesy: Alan Levine. Creative Commons)