PHOTO: Guy Bites Into His Delivered Pizza and Finds WHAT?!?!

  • Here’s a nice PHOTO for you, a guy starts eating his Domino’s pizza and realizes the bottom of it is COVERED WITH MOLD.  And he didn’t have to pay extra for that!?  Score!
  • Only one third of us think that we should make contact with ALIENS.  The rest of us have seen Miley Cyrus.
  • A shoplifter at a Walmart in Florida fled the scene after she got caught, LEAVING her two kids behind.  In other words; just a normal day at Walmart.
  • George Zimmerman says that he’s working as a SECURITY GUARD for a gun store in Florida.  This should end well.
  • 36% of kids between 8 and 14 spend more time TEXTING their friends than hanging out with them.  LOL.

(Image Courtesy: Michael Saechang. Creative Commons)