Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (07/31/14)

  • PICS: Beyonce combats divorce rumors with one single picture
  • PICS: Justin Bieber posts a pic of Orlando Bloom crying a day after their boy-fight
  • Kim Kardashian’s video game making $700,000 A DAY!
  • PICS: Katy Perry covers Rolling Stone with green hair….says she’s open to having a baby without a man
  • PICS: Alicia Keys is pregnant! The cutest Instagram announcement yet!
  • Here’s why British singers don’t have an ACCENT when they sing
  • PICS: Lindsay Lohan’s side boob is trying to escape…..and it’s scary!
  • Miranda Kerr insists she never CHEATED on Orlando Bloom with Justin Bieber
  • Kim Kardashian took 1,200 SELFIES on one vactaion
  • Beyonce & Jay Z are SPLITTING everything & will announce divorce when the tour ends!
  • Beyonce’s dad offering classes on how to BREAK INTO the music biz
  • Jessica Simpson is determined to get even THINNER!
  • PICS: “Bachelorette” Andi’s engagement ring revealed….and it’s huge!
  • PICS: Miley Cyrus posts in bed, naked pic
  • Drew Barrymore’s half sister found DEAD
  • Kelsey Grammer forgives his sister’s KILLER
  • Kerry Washington thinks Beyonce is a TERRIBLE role model
  • PICS: Jessica Alba strips down for Maxim and it’s super sexy
  • VIDEO: Brian Williams reports on his daughter Alison Williams being cast as Peter Pan..and it’s pretty adorable
  • Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart, “SH** HAPPENS, you know?”
  • Kelly Osbourne let her dogs POOP all over her apartment

Photo courtesy: Hot Gossip Italia. Creative Commons.

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