The CRAZY New Tourism Adventure… That Might KILL YOU?!

  • Tourism companies in Ukraine are actually offering guided TOURS of the war-torn areas of the country… making it the ONE and ONLY time it’s appropriate to buy an “I Survived…” souvenir shirt.
  • Facebook went down for 19-minutes and people started CALLING 911.  The weird thing though . . . they were just calling to update 911 about what they made for dinner or their workout.
  • A woman tried to STEAL a car with two cops inside.  Talk about convenience.
  • A guy in Illinois tried to KILL his roommate for eating his Chips Ahoys.  That’s ridiculous!  Now if it were his Goldfish crackers on the other hand, I’d completely understand.
  • There’s a new vibrating sex toy called the “Vesper” that doubles as a NECKLACE.  In other words; looks like I’ll be buying a new necklace.
  • A burglar in Alabama tried to get high by smoking someone’s dead ASHES.  Did it work?  I’m asking for a friend.

(Image Courtesy: Seth Werkheiser. Creative Commons)