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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (08.11.14)

  • (VIDEO) Kylie Jenner got caught underage drinking while partying with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown for her 17th Birthday!
  • According to reports, Beyonce and Jay-Z may be FAKING their marital troubles to earn cash
  • (PICS) Kim Kardashian is publishing a 350-page book of selfies called “Selfish”
  • (VIDEO) Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez prove they are totally like, BESTIES again with a new video
  • Jennifer Aniston revealed her EXACT weight and why she’d like to “drop five pounds”
  • (PICS) Miley Cyrus copied Nicki Minaj’s NSFW photo
  • (PICS) Miley also captured herself popping a SQUAT in the woods
  • (PICS) Sofia Vergara had the world’s WORST hair day
  • (PICS) Kylie Jenner SHAVED the back of her head for her birthday
  • (PICS) Beyonce tried to SLAM divorce rumors with her latest Instagram post
  • (PICS) Kris Jenner tried MARIJUANA and her reaction was caught on TAPE
  • (PICS) See ALL of the winners from last night’s Teen Choice Awards