Safeco Field Ranked #1 For Beer Selection!

We’re certainly blessed with more than our fair share of delicious craft breweries in the state, but I’ll happy take the #1 spot as “Baseball’s Best Beer Selection” out of all 30 stadiums!! But I’m not sure if I love that WE’RE #1, or that the Yankees are dead last. [Yahoo]

When we say the Seattle Mariners have the best beer selection in MLB according to a recent study by the Washington Post, it means Safeco Field might rank up there against a beer nerd’s favorite brewpub in terms of diversity. And when we say the New York Yankees ranked 30th in The Post’s study, that means Yankee Stadium has the most generic beer offerings in baseball. 

The Mariners scored the No. 1 overall ranking because they have the most unique beers and the most local beers. The M’s ranked fourth in quality, though. That’s why the Cincinnati Reds deserve a shout-out here too. The Reds finished second overall, but first in quality, meaning the Reds serve the best beers in baseball. The rest of the top five: The Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles.

That’s right — the cities who have had struggling baseball teams for the past decade+ have the best beer selections. Meanwhile, the Yankees have the worst selection. I guess they don’t need to appease to anyone?

The Post’s study is accompanied by a fun, customizable infographic that you can use to sort out the rankings. But even more fun: you can compare the beer selection at any two stadiums, and see where teams rank across the four categories assessed. Go play with it. Seriously.



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