The Friday Five (8.15.14)

After a brief hiatus/bye week, The Friday Five is back with a brand new collection of feel good tracks! Please forgive my minor vacation last Friday… 8/8 was my birthday and thus full of shenanigans. My highlight? My boyfriend putting me in the car, saying he had a surprise for me, driving me to a skydiving center, and breaking the news we’d be jumping out of an airplane in 30 minutes. Somehow, I survived y’all. Remarkably without peeing my pants.

In honor of my escape from death, and because I’m uncontrollably excited to attend the #Hawks preseason game tonight at the Clink, let’s get the inevitable weekend bliss started right now. As you may have noticed, I hardly adhere to the “Five” rule of the Friday Five post anymore. What can I say, there’s just too much amazing music out there and too little time to share it.

In the interest of brevity (less talk, more dance) I thought of my best three word teasers for all these incredible tracks. Enjoy!

1) The Knocks ft. Powers – Classic

In three words… Infectious / Layered / Sunshiney (Pretend that’s a word)

2) Lenno ft. The Electric Sons – Wake Up 

In three words… Upbeat / Anthem-esque / Blissful

3) Le Youth – Feel Your Love

In three words… Breezy / Catchy / Loveable

4) Afrojack ft. Matthew Korma – Illuminate

In three words…  Inspiring / Melodic / Joyful

5) Dada Life – One Smile

In three words… Ridiculous / Uplifting / Smile-Inducing 

6) EXGF – Idle Hands 

In three words… Unique / Eclectic / Addicting

Caveat: Cuss words make an appearance

7) Ryn Weaver – Stay Low

In three words… Beautiful / Haunting / Dreamy 

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read, listen, and dance with me. Have an incredible weekend, whether you’re headed to the Hawks game, Hempfest, or simply your living room couch. All make for amazing life choices.

As always please let me know what you think of the FF. What tracks do you currently have stuck on repeat? I wanna know! Get at me below…

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Thanks again for reading y’all! See you next week for more fun 🙂

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Or Lydia. Duh.


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