Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (08/18/14)

  • Jennifer Lawrence is DATING Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin!
  • PICS: Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue go-kart racing…and she makes it ridiculously sexy
  • Christina Aguilera has a baby girl named SUMMER RAIN Rutler
  • VIDEO: Katy Perry shares nose piercing video….and it’s not for the squeamish
  • PICS: Lady Gaga looks exactly like Amy Winehouse!
  • Kanye West is building Kim Kardashian a CATHEDRAL!
  • Robin Williams suicide was NOT SPONTANEOUS
  • PICS: Shia LaBeouf also shops at Costco
  • Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of the Miley Cyrus comic book!
  • PICS: Shirtless Will Smith reunites with DJ Jazzy Jeff!
  • Ed Sheeran will be an USHER at Courteney Cox’s wedding!
  • PICS: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez have weekend long “love” fest
  • PICS: Jessica Simpson and her babies are seriously the cutest!
  • Ariana Grande: “My mom thought I’d be a SERIAL KILLER”
  • Joe Jonas celebrates 25th birthday with “world’s SMALLEST STRIPPER
  • VIDEO: Mr. T does jury duty and it’s totally awesome
  • VIDEO: Daniel Radcliffe surprises fans that just watched his new movie

Image Courtesy: MingleMediaTV. Creative Commons