Taylor Swift Announces New Album!

Taylor Swift Announces New Album!

Taylor Swift announced the launch her new album with a live-stream “event” this evening (but is now playing on repeat), and here’s everything you need to know! [Flavorwire]

-The album is called 1989, in honor of Taylor’s birth year and the era that inspired it.

-It’ll be out October 27.

-Swift referred to the album as “her first documented pop album.” She also called it the “most sonically cohesive album [she’s] ever made” and her “favorite album [she’s] ever made.” What this likely means is that Swift is no longer puzzle-piecing country radio singles amid dubstep-pop & fully embracing her pop crossover.

-Taylor described late-’80s pop, which inspired her, as “ahead of its time” and called the era “a time of limitless potential.” Also, this string of words: “bright colors, bold changes, rebellion… The idea of endless possibility was a huge theme in my life in the last year.”

-Swift has been working on 1989 for two years, the perfect amount of time for someone to “change and grow.” “I woke up not wanting, but needing, to make a new style of music,” she said.

-She’s been “taking lots and lots of Polaroids in last couple years,” since she likes that it’s a “tangible thing.” She’s gonna include a packet of 13 different Polaroids in each physical album of 1989.

-The bonus edition of the album won’t include more songs, just voice memos from her phone of completed tracks. This is basically how Taylor Swift does demos.

-Also, this delightful quip, which anyone who follows Taylor on social media already knows: “All I think about are metaphors and cats.”

Here’s the album cover:


Are you excited? Check out “Shake It Off” below, and mark my words: she & Miley Cyrus will trade places in the “sexy vs. country” music-sphere in the next 3 years!!


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