The Friday Five (8.22.14)

Blue Friday is here my friends and I’m ready to go bear hunting! #GoHawks!!

Did anyone else catch the SOLD OUT Ed Sheeran concert at Wamu Theater last night? I’ve been a huge Ed fan/borderline groupie since he visited our studio a few years ago. He played a few songs in our lobby, hugged us all, and impressed me with his genuine kindness. While my love for Ed is strong, my obsession with his opening act Rudimental was also a huge incentive for attendance. Rudimental tracks have made appearances on past Friday Five posts and their live show is nothing short of spectacular.

Listen to me babble. Give the people their music already woman! Now dust off your dancing shoes and let’s go…

1) Tourist – Your Girl

Will Philips is a London-based electronic producer, self-proclaimed loner and man after my own heart. “As soon as you define yourself by a scene then you’re limited, you can only do so much within it. I like the idea of being able to pick and choose what I do… being a tourist.” While this track is far from new, I was feeling nostalgic for the near-perfect audio landscape that lives in these 5 minutes. And yeah, that’s an Aaliyah sample you’re hearing. AKA brilliant.

2) Yeah Boy – Can’t Get Enough

Yeah Boy rose to internet indie fame late last year with the release of this infectious track. It’s not hard to understand why, just hit play.

3) Ryn Weaver – OctaHate

Here’s what the world knows about the enigmatic Ryn Weaver. She was completely unknown until she uploaded “OctaHate” to her SoundCloud back in June. In a single day the track received 30,000 spins and within two weeks over a million. She makes indie pop that defies the genre with its maturity and soulfulness. I’ve posted her songs two weeks in a row because I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about an up and coming female artist.

4) Daniel Wilson – Killed Ya

I know what you’re thinking… is that Cee Lo Green? No my friends, it’s not. Although the vocal talent bear an uncanny resemblance, Daniel is a promising new artist in his own right. He makes music for dreamers, for the youthful, for those not yet ready to grow into reality and away from their fantasies.

5) ODESZA ft. Zyra – Say My Name

If you’re a proud Washington resident, a lover of all things Seattle, now is the time to stand up in pride. Our city is overflowing with musical and artistic talent and ODESZA proves that. The duo met at WWU and released their first album just a few months after graduating in 2012. Since then they’ve been on tour with Pretty Lights and rocked my face off at the Capitol Hill Block Party mainstage this year. Their new album hits stores Sept 9th and if “Say My Name” is any indication, we’re in for something mind-blowing. Get tickets for their Seattle Showbox show before they sell out!

6) Disclosure – Voices (Le Youth Remix)

Two artists I adore for the price of one? Uh, yes please. When I saw Le Youth live at Hardfest in LA a few weeks ago there was barely an audience for his set and I could not believe it. People will be kicking themselves for missing out on front row for his set. Meanwhile I can be that annoying hipster that said she loved him before he was a thing.

7) Benzel & Jessie Ware “If You Love Me”

I kicked off this week’s playlist with a throwback and I’ll close it with another classic. If you love old school R&B,and/or girls with PIPES who can rework a former hit flawlessly, well… let’s be best friends.

That’s all my friends! Thanks so much for reading, listening, and love/hating. You are the best.

A special shout out to my friend Marcus, a faithful reader of The Friday Five. Every week he e-mails me an uplifting response to my playlist and it makes my week! I can’t tell you what it means to see those kinds of messages in my inbox. Thanks Marcus!

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Have a blissfully perfect weekend y’all! See you next Friday with more music to make you smile.



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