PIC: The “Ice Bucket Challenge” Halloween Costume?!?

  • A company has actually created an “Ice Bucket Challenge” HALLOWEEN COSTUME… Yup, thats a thing now.
  • McDonald’s is now selling MOZZARELLA STICKS.  So if you’re keeping track at home that’s diabetes: 4,738, America: 0.
  • Women feel like they look 5 years YOUNGER than they actually are.  For more results on how women are way more confident about their looks than they need to be simply log on to Instagram.
  • Here’s a guy who has kept every one of his NAIL CLIPPINGS since 1978.  The weirdest part of this story?  It just made me incredibly horny.
  • A man got evicted from his apartment because his sex swing was TOO LOUD.  And that my friends is why I always grease mine up at least twice a week.
  • Not sure if this is REAL OR NOT . . . but it’s pretty funny.

(Image Courtesy: David Morris. Creative Commons)