Scientists Have Discovered the Key to the PERFECT Nap!

  • The key to a great nap is DRINKING COFFEE right before.  OHHHH, DRINK coffee . . . not pour it all over your body?  No wonder I’ve been napping so poorly lately.
  • According to research the key to keeping your summer tan is . . . VEGETABLES.  In other words; most American citizen’s tans will be gone by tomorrow.
  • Kentucky apparently LOVES THE 80’S more than any other state.  Which is strange since they live in the 50’s.
  • Underwater welder is the most DANGEROUS job in the United States.  Interesting; I would’ve thought it was Demi Lovato’s personal assistant.
  • A couple was arrested stealing $30 in SEX TOYS from Walmart.  Walmart has sex toys? Why do I want to puke right now?
Image Courtesy (Pedro Ribeiro Simoes. Creative Commons)

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