Amanda Bynes BACK On Twitter!

The Trainwreck Express is back on Twitter after being released from a psychiatric facility on Thursday, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. [People]

The former child star started posting on the social media site from her @amandabynes account again Friday morning, and the erratic Tweets are similar to those she sent before her trips to treatment.

Bynes aimed insults at her family’s lawyer, Tamar Arminak (“You are corrupt”), as well as her father and controversial celebrity manager Sam Lutfi (“Sam Lufti is Ugly”) in addition to posting nonsensical musings (“I am ug butt”). She also defended her mental state, telling followers she’s headed to court today: “I am going to court today with my lawyer to prove that I am more than capable of handling my personal life and finances and I am enraged.”

Bynes entered the facility Oct. 10 after Lutfi and her parents set a ruse to fly her from New York City to L.A. Her hold in the facility was extended for two weeks Oct. 13, then for a month on Monday – but she was freed following a hearing on Thursday.


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