Jason Derulo Buys $3mill CASTLE

Jason Derulo Buys $3mill CASTLE

If I can do my math correctly, that’s exactly $1 mill per every year he & Jordin Sparks spent together. If there was ever a bachelor-power-move that is bigger than this, please show it to me. [DailyMail]

Jason Derulo is celebrating his independence by buying himself his very own castle. The 25-year-old may have to do more than Talk Dirty to ladies to get them back to his $3 million man cave as it is fare from female friendly. Trulia reports the star just purchased the home in Tarzana – just outside of Los Angeles, California – is a replicate castle inside a gated compound.

‘I bought myself a castle 2day!! No big deal! A big thank u 2 the best realtor this industry has 2 offer @dzhomes #wewerestandingonsuitcasestotakethispic lol #crazylife #blessed #futurehistory.’



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