Gift Idea: Bacon-Scented Pillowcases

Ask yourself this question: “Do I like bacon?” If the answer is no — close this browser immediately and forget that we were ever friends, but if the answer is yes — keep reading.

Introducing the must-have gift for the bacon lover in your family (aka everybody in your family): Bacon Pillowcases. [Time]


From J&D’s Foods, these bacon-scented pillowcases, if cared for according to included instructions, claim to maintain their aroma “for 6-12 months or more.” They can even handle multiple wash cycles, though the company advises you to wash them separately from the rest of your clothes, lest you end up with a wardrobe that makes you smell like a short order cook.

Sounds like a lot of people will wake up on Dec. 26 smelling like a headful of bacon.

This bedding retails for just $12.99 and be found & purchased here.


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