Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) Launches ‘Yo B****’ App

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) Launches ‘Yo B****’ App

At least once a week for the past three-ish years, I’ve been told that I look like Breaking Bad‘s “Jesse Pinkman,” aka Aaron Paul. It’s usually followed up with someone requesting me to say “Yo Bi***!” (of course, I oblige). But now thanks to Aaron Paul‘s new app, you can hear my his voice saying that same phrase all the time! Because texting your friends “Hey, What’s up?” is just so g******** boring. [Time]

Introducing Aaron Paul’s new app: “Yo B-tch.”

The app, named after the signature phrase of Paul’s Breaking Bad character, will allow you to send your friends audio recordings of his voice saying “colorful greetings” like the app’s name, or alternatives such as “Bueno, b-tch,” or “I love you, b-tch.”

The app, which is free in iTunes but offers in-app upgrades for purchase, was announced by Paul on Twitter on Friday, just in time to spread some good cheer for the holidays.


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