Little Girl Starts NYC Subway Dance Party

Little Girl Starts NYC Subway Dance Party

Sort of reminiscent of the dancing-guy at the Gorge, this adorable little lady gets the party started in the most unlikely of places: a NYC Subway tunnel.

I’ve been to NYC a few times and one of my favorite things (that nobody talks about or barely acknowledges) was the underground ‘street’ performers. Extremely talented musicians performing wonderful music in the dirty, cramped, echoing tunnels of off-white tile & concrete. Enjoy!

This video from a Brooklyn station is precious not as much for the band’s rollicking version of the Grateful Dead’s “Me and My Uncle,” but for a small, bespectacled child’s joyful dancing.

The girl’s roof-raising jig gradually inspires a small hootenanny of strangers coming together in unfettered joy. At one point, her glee escapes from her in the kind of scream reserved only for the highest moments of elation.

Five minutes later, surely, all those people smashed themselves shoulder-to-shoulder into the human equivalent of a cattle truck. But for those two minutes, her joy was the center of the universe.

Say hello to the next Ellen DeGeneres, or maybe next Lady Gaga. Check out some of my past NY trips in the videos below, and feel free to skip to the music parts…


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