Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized With Illness

Pooooor LiLo. My darling angel future-ex-wife just can’t catch a break; even on vacation. That grimy, filthy, disease-ridden place known as “Bora Bora” gave Lindsay some aggressive virus that even her body hasn’t already built up an immunity against. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t Bora Bora a beautiful tropical place to visit? Perhaps. But you know Lindsay… she was probably in the alleyways & dumpsters behind the Hard Rock “Bora Bora” Cafe.

Is that mean? [DListed]

TMZ says Lindsay is currently tucked into a hospital bed in London with that Chikungunya virus she caught while on vacation in Bora Bora over the holidays. According to TMZ, Chikungunya is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes fever, joint pain, and exhaustion. Back around New Years, she started complaining she didn’t feel well, but managed to suck it up long enough to fly to LA to film a car insurance commercial, because – DUH – money. What do you think?

Unfortunately, once she returned back to London, the pain and fever got so bad, she was forced to check in to a hospital.

Yikes. Good luck, lady.


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