Detroit Man w/ 21-mile Walking Commute gets a Surprise

Meet James Robertson. James might be the hardest working guy you’ve seen, and not having a vehicle hasn’t stopped him from getting to work on time in 10 years. [Yahoo]

I’ve always been known to show up everybody,” said Robertson, a 56-year old Detroit man.

Robertson walks more than 20 miles for his daily commute from his home in Detroit to his factory job at Schain Mold & Engineering in Rochester Hills and back. But not anymore.

Evan Leedy, 19-year old Wayne State University student, read Pollock’s story on the Detroit Free Press Facebook page. He was moved to do something to try to help buy a car for Robertson, whose Honda Accord died in 2005. 

Leedy created a GoFundMe page for Robertson and set a goal of raising $5,000. Within a few hours donations exceeded that amount and the total has been growing since. As of 7:30 p.m. Monday, $91,406 had been raised from generous donors, including some from outside the U.S.

It’s turned into something that’s more than just a car and it could really change his life,” said Leedy.

Here’s the video of James getting his new car surprise.



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