5 Apps for Long Distance Relationships

5 Apps for Long Distance Relationships

Is your S/O living in another town, state, or COUNTRY this Valentine’s Day? Technology has certainly made long distance relationships easier than they used to be, but it’s only getting better by the day.

Here are 5 apps to help you long-distance-love-birds out. [Time]

1.) Couple

The gimmick: Couple creates shared experiences that are as playful as they are sweet. The feature ThumbKiss allows partners to touch the same spot on the screen, which emits a vibration on both phones.

The bonus: Other features include a shared timeline and LiveSketch so you can draw with your loved one.

The price: Free for iPhone and Android

2.) SimplyUs

The gimmick: SimplyUs helps couples organize their lives together. The shared calendar automatically updates when your significant other marks down an event.

The bonus: If you want to surprise your partner with a visit, you’ll know how to plan accordingly.

The price: Free for iPhone (not available on Android)

3.) Avocado

The gimmick: Avocado is meant to be a secure space for couples. Like Snapchat, the app auto-cleans messages once they have been read.

The bonus: Productivity features include syncing events with your Google calendar, so that everyone’s on the same page.

The price: Free for iPhone and Android

4.) Klikaklu

The gimmick: Klikaklu sends your significant other on a treasure hunt by using GPS and camera functions.

The bonus: Keep track of your partner’s progress within the app while miles away. Think Gone Girl but less conniving.

The price: Free for iPhone (not available on Android)

5.) Between

The gimmick: Between is a passcode-protected place for couples to store their memories. Scroll through private photo albums and other mementos stored in the app.

The bonus: The Event Box feature helps you find great deals for future date nights.

The price: Free for iPhone and Android

And there you have it!! Don’t forget about HighThere, either. ;)


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