Goodbye to MOViN… and Hello Again

Let me address the elephant in the room.

Oh what’s that, there isn’t an elephant in the room? Well, let’s pretend there is because I have to do at least one more blog post today and I’m not feeling very creative. Also – it pertains to me, my show, and anyone who might listen to it with any regularity. This is hard to say… but…

I’m MOViNg.

Not to another city, no, but I won’t be doing the night show on MOViN 92.5 anymore after this Friday night. Sorry to disappoint all 1 of you (hi mom) who enjoyed listening to me during those hours (and hi dad!), but as of Monday I will no longer be on the radio from 7pm-12am M-F.

Instead, I’ll be on your radio between 10am-2pm on the midday show following Brooke & Jubal in the Morning. (that’s right, Jubes – you’re my opener now) I just wanted to tell you in case you need to adjust your listening habits, and to also introduce my guy Kel who will be taking over the night show for me on Monday. Be nice to him. He’s got big muscles.

Feel free to read my blahg here for a more detailed explanation, but I wanted to say THANK YOU to anyone who has ever spent a single minute listening to me during the past 4 1/4 years on your drives home. It means a lot.

Now start listening at 10am, k? Thx.

And now for no good reason at all — here’s a song that I like.


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Justin grew up a country boy in a female-dominated family that smoothed him into the softie he is today. A Seattle radio personality since 2007, he's perfected the art of never taking himself seriously and isn't afraid to cry at movies. Find him riding a scooter (nicknamed "Ivy" after Blue Ivy Carter) through the mean streets of Queen Anne in Seattle or twitter-stalking the Seattle Mariners!