Real-life “Notebook” Couple Passes Away Hours Apart

Real-life “Notebook” Couple Passes Away Hours Apart

Any single folks out there planning on reading this? I’d recommend you don’t. Just don’t. Go do something else. [TheFrisky]

Floyd and Violet Hartwig were married for 67 happy years before dying side by side in their home, at the ages of 90 and 89, on February 11. In many ways, their life was like a series of scenes straight out of “The Notebook” — minus a breakup and all those unread letters. Like Noah and Allie, Floyd sent Violet hundreds of love letters — but unlike in the movie, Violet read hers right away.

The couple met as children and started dating during World War II, when Floyd was home on leave from the U.S. Navy. When Floyd went back overseas, he flooded her mailbox with letters, and they married in 1947. They moved to a farm in California where they raised three children & tended to their land side by side, doing all their own work on the farm up until the last week of their lives. 

Violet had been suffering from dementia for years when her health took a downhill turn a few months ago. Floyd, who’s kidneys were failing, was told he only had a few weeks left to live. The couple was put into hospice together, and soon afterward, they passed away holding hands — a whole lot like Allie and Noah, but with a real love that was far more romantic than any movie.


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