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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/6/15)

  • PICS: People think Beyonce’s pregnant again all because of multiple pics of her covering her belly….she does have a new line of FAKE TATTOOS

  • Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas are DATING & their friend Gigi Hadid (who’s dating Joe Jonas) introduced them
  • Taylor Swift freaks out when a fan grabs her leg on stage in Canada….see him being GRABBED by security
  • Mariah Carey CAST in next season’s “Empire”….excited or trainwreck waiting to happen???
  • Khloe Kardashian launches GROUP MESSAGING APP called Begroupd that helps you & your friends make decisions
  • PICS: George W. Bush gets called for jury duty, shows up & takes lots of pics!
  • PICS: We can’t decide if Nicki Minaj’s wax figure for Madame Tussaud’s is super sexy or super creepy
  • Cancelling “19 Kids & Counting” cost TLC $19 MILLION?!?!?
  • Kelly Osbourne on her racist comments, “I’d HATE me too”
  • VIDEO: Macklemore releases new single, “Growing Up“, a tribute to parenthood…and confirms that he & his girlfriend Tricia Davis are married with this adorable Instagram post
  • PICS: Taylor Swift, Amal Clooney & Rihanna all make Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed
  • PICS: Jude Law dressed at The Pope, smoking
  • Robin Thicke, 38, PROPOSED to his 20-year-old girlfriend
  • People Magazine says Jennifer Garner “NITPICKED” & made Ben Affleck feel “inadequate” ….and he’s PAYING for the nanny’s 5-star hotel stay!
  • VIDEO: Kourtney Kardashian tweets about vulnerability 1 month after her break from Scott Disick
  • PICS: Miles Teller is pissed that Esquire Magazine called him a “d*ck” in their new cover story
  • VIDEO: Arby’s runs 2 tribute commercials for Jon Stewart despite the years and years of abuse by him
  • A guy wrote an entire song about bringing Crystal Pepsi back



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