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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/6/15)

  • Kim Kardashian say “Pregnancy is the WORST EXPERIENCE of my life!”
  • PICS: Rihanna covers Vanity Fair & says she went back to Chris Brown because she thought she could change him, that she was a person “built to handle s*** like this”
  • Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman were NOT INVITED to their daughters wedding…even though her dad paid for it!
  • A crew member told Kate Winslet to STFU when she complained about long work hours
  • Will Smith says another “Bad Boys” movie is likely in 12-16 MONTHS & he will be touring with DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • Taylor Swift reunited with her cat after being on the road….and the cat looks less than excited about it

  • Justin Bieber SLAMS One Direction for choosing the same album release date as him
  • PICS: Cameron Diaz’s boyfriend got a huge tattoo on his head….too much or hot???
  • Kylie Jenner explains how to BUY A BUTT like hers….she says it’s all about Target
  • PICS: Amal Clooney flashes the paparazzi
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets into drag with Todrick Hall & pretended to be teenage girls


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