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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/9/15)

  • Taylor Swift poses for GQ for the first time, hot or try to hard??? Plus, she admits, “I think people might need a BREAK from me.”

  • VIDEO: It’s been totally settled, Neil Patrick Harris’ twins are the absolute cutest!!!!! Sing more!
  • Joe Jonas has a new pop-rock band called DNCE and they just released their first single

  • LISTEN: Ciara covered The Rolling Stone’s “Paint it Black” for Vin Diesel’s new movie & it’s pretty awesome
  • Ben Affleck has been cruising for WOMEN with Jon Hamm….and Matt Damon doesn’t like Jennifer Garner & wants to keep them APART
  • Katy Perry admits her REAL HAIR COLOR is squirrell brown & she likes men totally bare down there
  • LISTEN: Demi Lovato belts out “Stone Cold” live in the studio
  • Kendall Jenner posed topless in the shower in Paris

Wash away her sins 😈 KENDALL in paris @kendalljenner #parisisburning

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  • VIDEO: Emma Stone shows off her dance moves in new music video
  • Robert Pattinson argued for over an hour with author Stephanie Meyer that his Twilight character was suicidally DEPRESSED
  • PICS: John Goodman used to be 400 lbs….and he is definitely not anymore! Holy weightloss!
  • Florence + The Machine, Hozier, the Grateful Dead and more RECORDED “Boob Spelled Backward Is Boob”….a song written by an 8-year-old who’s mom is battling breast cancer!




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