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Hotel from ‘The Shining’ Being Made Into Horror Museum?

It’s called The Stanley Hotel, and it inspired Stephen King’s 1977 thriller book-turned-movie The Shining. But now some super creey/genius peoeple want to create an experience that only horror fans could appreciate; by creating a ‘horror’ museum. Yeah. You read that right. Feeling creeped out yet? Watch the original trailer for The Shining and read on. [Time]

The hotel, which is in Estes Park, Colo., near the Rocky Mountains, also announced plans for a film production studio and a film archive, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

But before you get too excited: the state of Colorado still has to give the green light. The hotel is asking for $11.5 million in state tourism funds, and it will ultimately cost as estimated $24 million to complete this “year-round horror destination.” Currently, the hotel offers ghost tours and hosts an annual horror film festival, but obviously a full-blown museum would take things to the next level.

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