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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (1/5/16)

  • Taylor Swift’s rep denies rumors she and boyfriend Calvin Harris are LIVING TOGETHER…..but are they talking MARRIAGE???
  • Vivid Entertainment releases the top celebrity COUPLE SEX TAPES that people want to see and, for a 2nd year in a row, Amal & George Clooney top the list!
  • Drake has moved on from Serena Williams and is DATING Amber Rose!?!?!
  • Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, rapper Tyga, accused of sending a 14-YEAR-OLD model “uncomfortable” messages & trying to seduce her!?!?!
  • PICS: Julia Stiles gets engaged with a totally low key ring & it’s really refreshing!
  • VIDEO: Kanye West’s full American Idol audition is here…and yes, Kim Kardashian is in it too!
  • Beyonce rumored to be starring in and directing NEW FILM about Saartjie Baartman
  • PICS: Jennifer Lopez’s twins are out of control cute!
  • PICS: Justin Bieber’s new rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin made him get cornrows and he admits he looks like a total douchebag…we think he looks exactly like Kevin Federline!
  • PICS: Chris Hemsworth is pissing off a lot of people with his NYE’s costume choice!
  • VIDEO: Sports Illustrated model, Kelly Rohrbach, will star alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the new “Baywatch” movie & the video he posted to announce it is pretty funny!
  • BTW Kelly & Leonardo DiCaprio BROKE UP a couple months ago due to busy schedules
  • PICS: Scott Disick has a gorgeous new Swedish model girlfriend….but is still wanting to get back together with Kourtney????
  • PICS: Anne Hathaway gives the world the first look at her adorable pregnant belly in a bikini!
  • PICS: If you’re wondering what Ricky Martin has been up to, he’s just hanging out in a speedo looking super hot!
  • Gwen Stefani “LIKES” Miranda Lambert’s Twitter post & is trying to play nice with Blake Shelton’s ex
  • For the record, Selena Gomez is TOTALLY DONE talking about Justin Bieber
  • Channing Tatum performing “Let It Go” is disturbingly good




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