Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/8/16)

  • NSFW CENSORED PICS: Justin Bieber goes full frontal nude on a beach in Hawaii with his girlfriend & there are plenty of pics….UNCENSORED PICS HERE….is he trying to one-up Orlando Bloom in their on-going BOY BEEF????? And Bieber’s dad took the opportunity to make some gross Insta jokes about the size of his son’s…. HERE and HERE


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  • VIDEO: 40 people were injured at a Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa when a railing gave way at a Philadelphia concert
  • VIDEO: Taylor Swift performed with Nelly at a birthday party for oil company heir Michael Hess & Taylor got flirty! Watch her perform “Dilemma” with Nelly VIDEO HERE And she went to Karlie Kloss’ birthday SINGLE, without Tom Hiddleston

  • PICS: There’s an Olympic silver medalist that looks so much like Leonardo DiCaprio some people think it’s actually him!

  • PICS: Michael Phelp’s baby seriously stole the show at the Olympics! SO CUTE!
  • PICS: Sad. Pictures show Lindsay Lohan’s ex-fiance physically fighting her for a phone and she gives more details about the abuse
  • “Suicide Squad” makes a $135 MILLION box office debut despite horrible ratings!
  • VIDEO: The internet is obsessed with this old clip of Britney Spears’ realizing Ryan Seacrest isn’t gay for the first time
  • PICS: Laverne Cox goes makeup free & looks amazing!
  • PICS: “DWTS” Kym Johnson married “Shark Tank” Robert Herjavec and her dress caught fire!
  • VIDEO: Frances Bean Cobain can sing!
  • VIDEO: Panic! At the Disco covers “Bohemian Rhapsody” for “Suicide Squad” soundtrack

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