Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/4/16)

  • All the CONSPIRACY THEORIES surrounding Kim Kardashian’s robbery….from a publicity stunt to an inside job to a ploy to distract from Donald Trump! Do you believe any of them??? Did her social media presence play a ROLE?
  • Kim Kardashian “believed she was about to be raped” during her ASSAULT/ROBBERY & more frightening DETAILS about the 6 minute long incident…..she won’t FIRE her security guard….here’s why none of it should be a JOKE
  • Lindsay Lohan lost HALF A FINGER in a boating accident?!?!?

Wow #lindsaylohan #teamwork #freckles almost lost a finger. @lindsaylohan

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  • PICS: The first pics of Blake Lively since giving birth is her at her friend’s wedding!
  • PICS: The “No Address Hotel” where Kim was staying when she was robbed has rooms for $17,000 a night!
  • Brad Pitt has been calling his mom & CRYING every day since Angelina Jolie left
  • Amber Rose & Julianne Hough end that BODY SHAMING DRAMA
  • PICS: Kylie Jenner just dropped $12 million on a 3rd LA mansion….if you are keeping track…here’s WHAT WE LEARNED from her Snapchat Q&A
  • “Mean Girls” THE MUSICAL is officially happening!
  • PICS: Rihanna has dreads again!
  • Tori Spelling ordered to pay her $38,000 AMEX bill!


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