Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/19/17)

  • Is Katy Perry’s new song “Swish Swish” all about Taylor Swift Swift???? Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj both take SHOTS at rivals in new “Swish Swish”….and Miley Cyrus says “I Kissed a Girl” is ABOUT HER

  • PICS: Kylie Jenner is getting slammed for copying another teen icon….who did it better????
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and his Victoria’s Secret girlfriend of a year have BROKEN UP….2 months after she turned 25
  • Someone broke into Amber Rose’s house and just chilled for HOURS!
  • Steve Harvey’s ex is suing him for SOUL MURDER and is asking for $60 million
  • Chris Cornell’s death ruled a suicide by hanging but the family thinks PRESCRIPTION DRUGS may have been the reason it happened
  • Robin Wright says Netflix LIED to her about getting equal pay for “House of Cards”
  • The Rock has the worst story about LOSING HIS VIRGINITY 
  • VIDEO: Did Liam Payne just slam Harry Styles new solo music by calling it not really his “thing”?
  • VIDEO: Johnny Depp does an amazing Trump impression & says he’s open to doing “SNL” if Alex Baldwin ever needs a break
  • VIDEO: One Direction Liam Payne’s new solo record is here… it or too basic?
  • VIDEO: The isolated vocals of Chris Cornell singing “Black Hole Sun” lets you fully appreciate his amazing voice…..and hear his acoustic version of “I Will Always Love You” HERE and “Nothing Compares to You” HERE
  • VIDEO: There’s old home video of Mark Zuckerberg finding out for the first time he got into Harvard
  • Harry Styles joins James Corden for “Carpool Karaoke”

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