Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/12/17)


  • PICS: Kate Upton takes a nasty fall off a rock while posing topless for Sports Illustrated….who said modeling wasn’t dangerous?!?!
  • Taylor Swift has been jumping on to her fans Instagram LIVE FEEDS….she took it one step further and after this fan totally freaked (VIDEO BELOW), Taylor actually showed up at her HOUSE! 
  • Lindsay Lohan DEFENDS Harvey Weinstein & attacks his wife…then quickly deletes the video….here’s a NEW RUNDOWN of celebrities experiences with Weinstein, Heather Graham says sex for scripts was once implied…and Rose McGowan’s twitter account was SUSPENDED after her accusations cause the world is messed up
  • Lea Michele may be sending herself FLOWERS EVERY DAY on the set of “The Mayor” and we love it!
  • PICS: Mandy Moore hits back after fans accuse her of photoshopping her Instagram pics to make herself appear thinner
  • VIDEO: Daisy Ridley raps Eminem “Lose Yourself” and passes along her best piece of dating advice she got from her mom
  • PICS: Can you recognize these celebs in their Halloween costumes????
  • VIDEO: “30 Rock” joked about Harvey Weinstein back in 2012, “I turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions out of five.”
  • VIDEO: There’s a video circulating of Ben Affleck grabbing TRL host, Hilarie Burton’s boob on TV back in 2003….she TWEETED about it….and Affleck just APOLOGIZED for it….some say it’s nothing compared to this 2004 TAPE of a Canadian host sitting on his lap (she is DEFENDING him)
  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Terry Crews shares all the details about his SEXUAL ASSAULT by a Hollywood exec









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