Ingrown Hair Removal Instagram Account

Some people are nuts.

I am constantly seeing “popping” videos being shared by my disgusting friends on Facebook (with no warning, mind you) of massive pimples and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I end up feeling ill. Who wants to see that fluid!?!?

But… there’s an oddly satisfying feeling about popping videos because we all know how it feels to release those little (or large), frustrating, filthy things. And this new “Ingrown Hair Removal” instagram account might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Or not.

…. sorry everybody. (and you’re welcome to the select few who found a way to enjoy this)


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Justin grew up a country boy in a female-dominated family that smoothed him into the softie he is today. A Seattle radio personality since 2007, he's perfected the art of never taking himself seriously and isn't afraid to cry at movies. Find him riding a scooter (nicknamed "Ivy" after Blue Ivy Carter) through the mean streets of Queen Anne in Seattle or twitter-stalking the Seattle Mariners!