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Macklemore, Dave B & Travis Thompson perform on The Tonight Show

Daaaaaaang, Seattle. Lookin’ killer on late night TV last night!

But the coolest part (for me) was seeing 21 year-old Travis Thompson, a graduate of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “The Residency” program which mentors young artists from low-income families to help them acquire the skills and knowledge needed to carve out a living in the arts.

“Ryan Lewis and I helped launch The Residency so that young aspiring hip-hop artists in Seattle have a chance to pursue their passions in music. Travis was a standout in the first year of the program, came back in a leadership role the next year, and it’s been incredible to watch him grow as an artist over the last three years.” — Macklemore

Can’t wait to see these shows in Seattle (Dec 22 & 23) at Key Arena. Go get it, young one.



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