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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/19/18)

  • PICS: Remember when Ben Affleck told the world his HUGE Phoenix tattoo on his back was “it’s fake for a movie”….well turns out he was lying & it’s definitely real

  • Kim Kardashian shared the first real look at Chicago West’s adorable face! SOOOO SWEET!

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Morning cutie 💗

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  • PICS: Zayn Malik’s got a new $10 million bachelor pad & the pics inside are insane!
  • VIDEO: Blue Ivy bid over $10,000 on art at a charity auction while sitting between Beyonce & Jay Z
  • PICS: Chrissy Teigen just trolled John Legend harder than she ever has….and all it took was 2 emojis!
  • VIDEO: Katy Perry throwing shade at Taylor Swift on “Idol”
  • Will Smith celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by rapping in a green kilt
  • VIDEO: “Weird Al” Yankovic just put a polka song on the Billboard charts….it’s called “The Hamilton Polka”
  • Karlie Kloss teaches teen girls how to CODE & opens up about her friendship with Taylor Swift
  • Snapchat stock PLUMMETED after Rihanna called them out for their domestic violence ad
  • VIDEO: Two dudes made a “How to Make Mumble Rap” & we’re pretty sure “8 Grapes In My Mouth” is a hit
  • VIDEO: Miley Cyrus loving St. Patrick’s Day…her & Liam’s St. Patty’s party was SO MUCH GREEN
  • The trailer for Lifetime’s Prince Harry & Meghan Markle romance movie is here….will you be watching???

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