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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/11/18)

  • Selena Gomez had an “EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN” in the hospital and is now seeking mental health treatment
  • Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard respond to a TABLOID REPORT about their kinky sex….“Id love to comment, but its hard to talk with this ball gag in!”
  • VIDEO: South Park just took shots at The Simpsons calling them racist and using #CancelTheSimpsons
  • PICS: Taylor Swift threw an epic AMAs after party!
  • Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were spotted BARELY SPEAKING during a dinner date…trouble in paradise?
  • VIDEO: Dua Lipa pranked Jimmy Kimmel by waking up in bed with him!

  • Jennifer Garner is doing great and DATING AGAIN
  • PICS: All the celebs, from Chrissy Teigen to Anna Kendrick, are going to the LA haunted house called Creep LA: Awake
  • Oprah WebMD’d herself & instantly thought she was DYING….like we all do
  • VIDEOS: Steelers fans are upset that Snoop Dogg is now rooting for the Cleveland Browns

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