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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/6/19)

  • Here’s how Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest SELF-MADE BILLIONAIRE at 21….oh and remember last week when we heard Kylie accused Travis Scott of cheating? Apparently she was pissed at his “OVERLY FRIENDLY” DMs
  • OMG Demi Lovato was doing MMA training with Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer & knocked his front tooth out!
  • VIDEO: R. Kelly got super emotional during a CBS interview while denying all the allegations
  • VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez fangirled over Joanna Gaines (just like we all would) when A Rod surprised her with Joanna’s help on a their fixer upper
  • VIDEO: Kate Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend gave Pete Davidson some relationship advice….”run”
  • Paris Jackson hasn’t seen “Leaving Neverland” but does NOT BELIEVE any of the accusers
  • VIDEO: Danny Devito took a huge fall on some stairs but seems to be ok…watching it just hurts
  • VIDEO: Queen Latifah is standing behind Jussie Smollett until she sees proof he lied
  • Justin Theroux loves taking his DOG to fancy restaurants
  • PICS: Did Halle Berry really get a giant back tattoo or is it a fake????
  • Did you see the final season trailer for “Game of Thrones”?


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