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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/12/19)

  • Kim Kardashian West is paying 5 YEARS OF RENT for a former prisoner who was denied housing even after being granted clemency!
  • OMG SPOILER ALERT: “The Bachelor” sent BOTH OF THE FINAL WOMAN home last night in Part 1 of the finale & this is all too juicy!!!
  • Jennifer Lopez has heard the CHEATING RUMORS in the past and never let it bother her
  • 16 COUPLES who’ve hooked up thanks to “Dancing with the Stars”….we’re pretty sure that’s a higher success rate than the dating reality shows
  • Captain America, Chris Evans, RANKED THE CHIPS…putting Cool Ranch Doritos 1st
  • Rapper “Selfmade Kash” bragged about credit card fraud….got BUSTED for credit card fraud
  • PICS: Rihanna gave her manager’s baby an early preview of her new music
  • PICS: Bradley Cooper & Freddie Prinze Jr. are apparently tight
  • Kendall Jenner got a new PET SNAKE
  • VIDEO: Jon Cryer finally admitted that Charlie Sheen was a lot to deal with on “Two and a Half Men”
  • “The Voice” contestant proposed on stage!

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