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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/20/19)

  • This one pic sent fans into a frenzy! They think it proves that Kylie Jenner is PREGNANT 

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my baby is stuck to me like glue lately🖤

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  • VIDEO: Wendy Williams gets candid about living in a sober house and battling addiction
  • VIDEO: Sophie Turner just chugged a glass a wine on the jumbotron and it’s solid gold!
  • VIDEO: North West was at Kanye’s Sunday Service in black lipstick and doc marten’s and people have opinions
  • Mama June’s mugshot has been released after her arrest for CRACK COCAINE

  • PICS: Mattel is launching a line of BTS action dolls
  • A SEQUEL to “Forrest Gump” was actually written & Forest Gump’s son had AIDS in it….but it was scrapped because of 9/11
  • Superfan who changed his name to Michael Jackson now REGRETS IT
  • Gwyneth Paltrow says her “CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING” backlash was brutal
  • Woodstock 50’s LINEUP includes Jay-Z, The Killers, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, and Chance the Rapper, along with legacy acts like Dead & Company, Santana, and John Fogerty
  • PICS: Everyone thinks that Channing Tatum looks like Eminem after his new haircut
  • VIDEO: Another old video has been unearthed of Olivia Jade complaining about school

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