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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/21/19)

  • OMG is that Tom Hanks or Mr. Rogers???? Fans say he NAILED IT!

  • Ariana Grande has to give 90% of the ROYALTIES of her song “7 Rings” to Rodgers and Hammerstein…she says she got the idea for the song when she went to Tiffany’s, post-Pete Davidson-breakup, and bought 7 engagement rings for her and her friends!
  • Jessica Simpson gave birth to her 3rd baby, a 10lb 13oz girl named BIRDIE MAE!
  • “The Good Place” Jameela Jamil just slammed Khloe Kardashian for her FLAT TUMMY Instagram post….and it is amazing!
  • Kylie Jenner has finally given up on a FRIENDSHIP with Jordyn Woods and is moving on
  • Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, Tame Impala are all at this year’s Lollapalooza….the LINEUP IS INSANE!
  • Olivia Jade is FURIOUS Lori Loughlin ruined her life by pushing her to go to college….her sister Bella is upset too but because she actually wanted to get an education
  • PICS: Karlie Kloss looking not so happy after book reveals her brother-in-law said she’s “not that smart”
  • Jenny McCarthy on working on “The View”, “It really was the MOST MISERABLE I’ve been on a job in my 25 years of show business.”

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