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Justin Interviews Quinn XCII

I’ve been paying attention to this guy Quinn XCII (pronounced ’92’ — his birth year) ever since hearing him featured on the song “Kings of Summer” by Ayokay a few years ago while browsing music on Spotify. Unsurprisingly, that’s how a LOT of people heard him, because that song has been listened to nearly 100 MILLION times on the site.

Fast forward to 2019 and he’s back in town on the “From Tour With Love” tour playing all the new music from his latest release – From Michigan With Love. He was able to sneak away for a few minutes on Friday to drop into the MOViN studios for an interview before he took the stage at the Showbox SoDo for another sold-out show. Check it out below.

Here’s the official video for his latest single “U & Us”

… and a live performance of “Right Where You Should Be” because it’s just too good.



Photo: Justin B
Photo: Justin B
Photo: Justin B

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