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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (5/6/19)

  • Have you seen Zac Efron in the newest Netflix film on Ted Bundy?!?! A Ted Bundy SURVIVOR gives her input…

  • During Miley’s Beale Street Festival performance, she yelled #FREEBRITNEY because she thinks that she is being held against her own will!
  • As weird as this is, a piece of TRASH from Joe and Sophie’s wedding is going for $1,325…
  • VIDEO: Olivia Jade has been caught on camera at IKEA, and with no surprise, hammered with college scandal questions…
  • VIDEO: Looks like Amy Schumer just revealed the sex of her FIRST child!!!
  • VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence just ROASTED Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick over Facetime!!!
  • Who’s a bigger fan of Miley than us? Of course, it’s Liam and he’s singing one of our FAVORITE songs…

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  • Did Kim Kardashian just say that she makes $1 million per INSTAGRAM post?!?! YUP.
  • VIDEO: Sophie Turner just opened up about the PRESSURE she felt having to lose weight for her acting role…
  • After checking out of the mental health facility, looks like Britney is going full on YOGA
  • Justin Bieber drew up some CONTROVERSY after voicing his support on Chris Brown and comparing him to Michael Jackson AND Tupac!!!
  • Apparently… Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are making a surprise music video about their BUTTS

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